Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pretentious, moi? Evidemment, oui.

In a past life I used to criticise anyone who started a blog. "It's so pretentious", was my plaintiff cry, yet here I am years later, starting one of my own.

Anyway, apologies for the hypocrisy, I hope you will find this interesting and an insightful insight (did I really just write that?!) into our life here at Woodstock in the amazing country of India.

Anyway, my first post is one I did for the school which I'm just going to copy and paste here, enjoy.

New Kid on the Block

I felt a sickness in the pit of my stomach last month as I arrived for the first day of the new school semester. Eighteen years after I left high school in the UK, once again I was the new kid on the block, this time at Woodstock School, India’s top international boarding school situated in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Like many of the students at Woodstock, I was far from home in a new country and a foreign culture. It all seemed a long way from the frenetic scenes of the Church Times newsroom in London, where as a journalist I used to ply my trade.

But there was no need to be nervous. I received an extremely warm welcome at the school which prides itself in its student diversity, joining students and staff from almost 30 different countries, including Afghanistan and America, Germany and Japan, Italy and India.

Students come from far and wide to take advantage of the unique educational experience offered at Woodstock, rooted in its Christian values.

It is a community which seeks to develop in students a lifelong passion for learning which will have a positive impact on both India and the world in years to come.

This vision of lifelong learning is not just limited to students, but applies to staff as well, and I am relishing this amazing opportunity to be back at school.

After years in the intellectual wilderness, I’m enjoying sitting in on history classes, learning Hindi, and shooting hoops in the school’s fantastic Win Mumby gym. I have also joined the staff choir and picked up my clarinet for the first time in years in the staff orchestra.

Going back to school has never felt so good!

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Ed Beavan with his wife Kirsten at Woodstock School
Ed Beavan with his wife Kirsten at Woodstock School

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